A world without listening is a dangerous place.

When we are scared or angry or overwhelmed or reactionary, we can’t listen thoughtfully.  We lose the value of the energetic exchange.  We lose sensitivity and it breeds collision.

Open your ears and turn on your awareness!


I share this message to teach others how to not only hear, but listen actively and thoughtfully!

I am an industry expert in marketing and the use of social media to foster relationships with clients and other strategic business partnerships.

This is perfect information for professional conferences, corporate meetings, staff development trainings, business retreats and university campuses.  Keynote speeches and interactive workshops teach you to tune in and learn exactly what your target audience is really saying!  

Listening to what is being communicated means you can truly serve your clients. 


Upcoming Event Schedule


October 27, 2017 – Michigan Audiology Coalition meeting – Lansing, MI

Check back for future dates soon!

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